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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2010 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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k-5. there is plenty of room for them here. i think i need to put these in so that no one takes the numbers too seriously. it shows there is enough room at the middle school for fifth graders who would be assigned to that school. >> you are talking about if every fifth grader goes to their feeder. >> is, which they will not of course. we do not know what the new pattern will be. that is one caveat associated with the estimate. >> i want to clarify something. we have a question tonight about high school. i want to remind everybody that if you look in the placement guide, you will see there is a page that describes the process for high school.
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the policy we adopted is there will not be any attendance stuff for high schools. that is missing, just to clarify. there was a question raised as though we were not telling you how it would work for high school. what we are discussing tonight is attendance areas and feeder patterns and transportation policy. we are presuming there will be no general transportation for high school. that is in our new policy. that is for clarification purposes. >> thank you for all of this work. it is very exciting to finally see all of it in color or in maps. a couple of comments and questions. some have been brought up already. we definitely have the concern about commander in -- mandarin
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pathways. how many years will it be before the fifth grade graduates? we have two years. ok. that is not a lot of time. jose ortega is a year behind. it is hard because the schools are so far apart from each other. we did that because we wanted the east and west side to both have an option for the immersion. we are seeing how low will be difficult to have a pathway that will accommodate all of the different communities. i think willie brown is a great location. i do not know when we will be able to open the school. it will be great to have mandarin emersion there. for the high school fair, it would be great to get our student advisory council involved. i think they would be perfect
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and would give really good feedback in terms of what they would have liked to of seen in eighth grade in helping to select a school since we're keeping the current city-wide process. for the members of the public that were not part of the process, the majority of high school students asked the week keep the city wide policy because they wanted the choice to go citywide. i am very worried about isa. that was the one pathway that concerned me the most. a lot of the others seemed to make sense, were contiguous. i liked that there were some schools like everett better really going to diversify going from 81% to 50%. i was concerned there was a significant drop for the same sub group for francisco middle school.
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given that we have malcolm x and carver going so far out, my one feedback would be whether we can consider having aptos being one of those school. it is one of the middle schools that has successfully closed the gap in ela and math for latino students. looking at where we feed, it makes sense to look at what schools are successful a closing the gap. years from now, hopefully all of our schools will be closing the gap and it will not be an issue. i would like to look to the data in terms of which schools are currently doing that. as far as we -- as long as we're having them go so far out of their community as a feeder school. the middle school diversity, language pathway. those are most of my comments for right now.
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there is a lot of information. i really appreciate all the parents the came out tonight to give us their feedback. we have several other meetings as well. i am really excited about the pathways. i love the idea of communities of fifth graders going to the same middle schools, changing in impacting the makeup of the school. i am really excited about that. the last thing is another public comment was made about our houseboat communities. the assumption is if you are contiguous, that is the area you are going into. just to clarify. i think the comment was brought up by one of the members of the public. ok, great. those are my comments. >> anything else? >> commissioner norton. >> this is a question for the committee.
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my understanding is we will be discussing the special education assignment plan at the september 13 meeting. is that everyone's understanding? i would like to make sure that parents are notified and have a chance to show up. >> might understanding was that we would be talking and getting feedback from the board about the attendance area, peter patterns, and transportation policy. the discussion about special ed would take place through another form. i was not aware that special and would be discussed. i thought student assignment would be discussed through special ed. >> we were going to have the committee as a whole. >> i want to take issue with that. i think it is the last meeting -- at the last meeting, i threw temper tantrum and said i wanted to have a conversation with parents. my understanding is we were going to do this in september or october and people need to know. when are we going to have this
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conversation i was promised? >> i am talking about planning for the board. that is why i am asking. >> before we get to that discussion, we need to hear the presentation of the recommendations being made on special ed. what day is that scheduled for? do you have that? september 14. we will schedule it after that. >> i would do it at this committee if you want, but we would have to add a meeting at the end of september or wait until the middle of october. >> whatever the pleasure of the board, i just want to have the conversation. >> we will figure it out with a staff. we will let everybody know as quickly as possible so that parents can know. >> i am getting a lot of people
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asking. >> this is one question i left out. i was curious why hoover has three different pathways for language. >> it has them now. it is the only school in the district that has three. this proposal would suggest a phasing out of one of them. instead of having spanish, cantonese, and japanese, it would have japanese and cantonese. the spanish would be phased out. >> we would keep spanish at everett, link, and mann. >> i think we're finished. i want to remind the public that it is on your agenda and will be on the website on the timeline for the next steps, particularly the community conversations. the next one will be on august 25. the rest you can read on the end website. the next meeting of this committee will be september 13.
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if there is nothing else, the meeting is adjourned. thank you.
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>> about four years ago, [inaudible] look at how beautiful this was. there is our relationship to the planet. these regions are the wealthiest, the most powerful. that really has impacted the planet. it is almost impossible now to go anywhere and had it really be completely dark. there are very few locations that you can find. that means our relationship to the sky, there is a way where we
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dominate the sky. we cannot see anything really. we are blinding ourselves in a way. >> you can look at the images, they are beautiful. when i started four years ago, there was a conversation about environmental issues that was very different. this is not being talked about in the way it is now. . this has just been like an amazing growth. i anticipate the project to be
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something that opens a dialogue to public interest in these ideas. so the work is really made to be seen in this environment. it's been show in museum, in gallery, but never in a public setting. and it's kind of ideal for both myself and the works to have this real dialogue with the public not only in san francisco but people coming from all over the world. >> since the dawn of electricity, that light is something that people feel connected to and inspired by. personally, there is space to keep that alive, just finding balance. the key is to find some balance.
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i feel like all of us are starng to see what the problems in this country are. i think plenty of people are opinionated. i don't think there's many forums where you can really express yourself or try to make a difference or anything. i mean...wha'...whatdo... what do i do, ya' know?
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the only people that i'm able to affect are the people who care about what i have to say. there is something you can do, but i'm sure it wouldn't be, uh...easy. different man: i get angry about it, but it's like... ya' know, in my own apartment. [laughs]
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next item 15 which is a department accomplishment for pulled has been removed from the calendar and will --, will be cut at the next commission meeting. in order to facilitate an orderly meeting, are there many
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people in the hall that plan to speak? >> i don't know. >> it doesn't look like it, so let me say that in order to facilitate an orderly meeting, we ask that you complete a blue card if he would like to speak on an item. each person will have two minutes to speak. >> please address your comments to the commission during public comments on items in order to allow equal time for all. the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment is closed. before we go to the report, we will have the general managers' report. >> i will move did general managers report to later in the
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agenda given the fact that there are people here to testify on one particular item. >> would you like to do this right before the second general public? >> yes, thank you. >> we are on an item number two, the president's report. >> the last couple months given the rules committee and the board of supervisors hearings, there has been an effort to to try to increase the public to suspicion and are rich from the commission it has been suggested that we go battue a practice that happened once upon a time where we had committee meetings.
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this gave people an opportunity to be on record. that effort is moving forward. i am distributing through the secretary, an outline of a proposal to do that. once the secretary has done that, i will ask her in the coming weeks to make that same document available for public comments so we will get the the benefit of the public's views, recommendations, and attitudes towards a committee structure keeping in mind that we are making the efforts to have public to suspicion and input. let's get a brief status report.
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>> thank you for the opportunity. time the chair of the park correct and open spaces committee. we passed a resolution which you should have before you. if authority persists, we would like to of downtown park funds used for the lighting project instead of open spaces. sense funding is available, there is a report when the matter is resolved. that's our report. thank you. >> thank you. that concludes my report. >> is your any public comment on the president's report?
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we will go to the general managers' report later in the agenda. we are on item number four, general public comment and the members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter of jurisdiction of the commission and to not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address people will be recorded. please remember that you have two minutes each. >> good afternoon, i first
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became aware of the courts saturday after the commission heard the item. i don't think that there is any outreach conducted with south america residence. if you could switch to the computer, that would be great. when you will change the usage of our public parks space, please have public input because many of this treat this as our backyard. there is a downtown park fund. there are over 900 children.
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this is between market and bay bridge. right now, there are 280 kids. they get lead chain gang style. they have to sit down and their board of their minds. they could sure use a playground. lots of visitors would appreciate a tourist-themed playground. they loved the spider. they were all over it treating its staunch several child-care centers.
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-- they were all over it treating it -- we need a prolonged -- playground. >> i was happy to accept a gift for trees in the music concourse's. on want to complement the on another day in the park. this is exactly what we should see. this is environmentally sensitive and well-managed. >> thank you. >> i am very happy to hear about
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the outreach policy and thank- you for putting this in as we had in the past. i object to ripping up 10 inches of the ground. before even trying it out, people played on the grass before and i suggested that they go to the other side and they did. they have played on grass, i don't see the need to rip it up and get a decent people training when these construction companies already do that. i told willie brown to put a business impression district in mission square.
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-- business improvement district in mission square. now, i am saying to do the same downtown because the market is filthy. they will not go away. the only way to solve this problem is a business improvement district. this is the best solution. ahothey are using the south of market. the only way to go is a business improvement district. please listen. thank you. >> i have to ask everyone to
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please take a seat, if you have an overflow -- >> good evening. i'm very happy to say that this festival, the park was very well protected. we were visiting during the festival and afterwards. we hope the standard will be followed for all of these events in golden gate park. we support the policy that the department has developed and we
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appreciate the commitment to preservation. the handout which will also be available through our web site if people are interested has photos of the set up and how you will see on the second page all through the park, there are these light standards which would protect the law on underneath. you will see a fence protecting the trees and that the major traffic is in the middle of the lawn and away from the tree canopy. there is a set of pictures with sinus and no cars. last year's depressed people, people were parking all of the tree roots. there were a few areas where
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people could park on the lawn and under trees. i think it's a little education is needed. >> thank you. >> i am here to invite all of you to a joint committee meeting at the senate side playhouse on august 30th. you will be receiving an is which explains everything. we always want you to come to our neighborhood. we have had a situation where we find ourselves with a new model for recreation and operational services. we were barely


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